Welcome To MK Foundation

We began this mission with 'Believe' and 'Power of Faith' as our only weapon unwary of what future will unfold. Our Chairman / CEO Mr. Mukram Ulla Khan has inspired us in a special way through his approach to life. His generosity and compassion for humanity has been the motivation behind this noble outcome. It is our responsibility to follow the path he has shown to us to help the people in need, to do something for humanity. In India, there are over 80 million children living in poverty. They are deprived of even the basic needs like food and shelter. With the establishment of MK Foundation, we hope to bring a positive change for these children and the people who are devoid of basic needs.

There is nothing greater than being able to help the people in need. If we can transform even 1 life for the better, then we believe our efforts have paid off. Our mission is to reach out to maximum people possible and attend to their needs. If our effort can benefit someone, why not take the initiative and move forward. We should realize that if our society is to grow, we have to help the needy - uplift them to the level where they will be self-dependent and will be counted as a respectable member of the society.

The MK Foundation is engaged in community and social initiatives that help provide service to the needy and the underprivileged. Our solutions are designed up-front to be owned by communities for generations to come and range from clean water and health care programs, to education projects and child protection initiatives.